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A pivotal role to create a bright green future

Algae are one of the most versatile and naturally abundant resources on earth. They are the holy grail for solving many of the global challenges we face today. Algae could be used in medicines, food supplements, biofuel, animal food and for the creation of synthetic materials like plastic. This tiny organism can do all of that, and at the same time it is also cleaning our air by absorbing CO2!

We believe that algae will play a pivotal role to create a bright green future for the next generations. 


We develop, innovate, promote and participate in the global algae industry. Furthermore, we design and build algae factories, take care of the processes and connect algae-products to end-users (B2B).

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We care about the world and that is why we want to reduce polluting COemmsions. Algae consume large amounts of CO2 and with our technique the factories can provide a CO2 reduction that can help balance out polluting industries.

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With experienced partners we can successfully carry out our activities. Through our partnerships we have all the knowledge, intellectual property, people and materials to build and operate a high-tech algae factory.  

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