We have the knowledge and knowhow to take care of the entire process 

we are algae capital

Algae Capital specializes in the large-scale and sustainable cultivation of microalgae to produce plant-based omega-3-rich oil and proteins. For over a decade, we have conducted extensive research into microalgae cultivation at our testing facility in Iceland. Our focus has been centered on identifying the optimal algae species, engineering the most efficient cultivation system, fine-tuning growth conditions, and ensuring economic feasibility. Additionally, we have built a strong network of partners and continually refined our operational processes.


Algae Capital contains four entities that constantly work together to manage all aspects from planning and development to production and sales. Algae Capital serves as connector, coordinating the overall activities of these entities.

240126 Algae Capital

Algae Projects

Algae Projects oversees project development and realization, including the design, planning, and construction of algae growing facilities. We work together with companies that have decades of experience in the global horticultural market.


Algae Biotech 2

algae biotech

Algae Biotech serves as a research institute and knowledge hub, managing all collected data and intellectual property. Through extensive scientific research, we have managed to improve the growth conditions for algae for over a decade.


240126 Algae Growth

Algae growth

Algae Growth uses tested and proven methods within the growing facilities and is responsible for the cultivation of microalgae. Our first growing facility is being constructed in Iceland, where we primarily utilize naturally filtered water sources and geothermal energy.


240126 Algae Nutrition

Algae Nutrition

Algae Nutrition handles the global sales and marketing of algae oil and protein powder. Algae growers do not have to worry about the sales of their end products as our sales organisation has a global network of partners that are interested in high-quality algae.


Our Core values


A better world starts with our own actions. We do everything within our power to decrease the footprint of our company while simultaneously providing a role model for our partners and investors.


We use creativity to look at problems from innovative perspectives, to make new connections, and to generate easy to implement solutions for some of the biggest problems our world faces today.


We truly believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. A problem is just a solution waiting to reveal itself. We wish to motivate our partners and investors with this same energy. 


We don’t believe in making false promises. The algae will prove itself as it has in nature for millions of years already. We don’t exaggerate when we say that we can change the world, because we know it's true.


We are truly loyal to our partners, making sure that everyone benefits fairly from the benefits we reap. We only work with solid partners whom we truly trust. We rely on each other and respect each other’s expertise.


We work with a passionate team that is highly motivated to bring projects to a successful end. We share a common vision: to provide the world with sustainably cultivated algae products for a healthier and greener future.