We have the knowledge and knowhow to take care of the entire process            


We believe that doing something durable should be easy. That’s exactly what the algae-world is missing and the reason why Algae Capital is here to help you. Getting started requires a long trial-and-error process. To build and scale-up a proper algae factory costs millions of dollars and takes a long time. Because of this, the algae world is not particularly an attractive market for investors. Most investors prefer to see a proof-of-concept to make sure that a project is worth their money. That’s why it’s very hard to get one of these algae factories successfully of the ground. That’s where we come in. With the combined force of our partners, we have all the necessary knowledge, skills, knowhow, and people to take care of the entire process.  

Our divisions 

Algae Capital is split into three divisions that are constantly working together to deliver algae projects of the highest quality. 

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construction & suppliers

We work together with companies that have decades of experience in the global horticultural market. Our construction and supply partners have successfully delivered projects all over the world. With our broad network of partners we are able to deliver turnkey projects.

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Center of excellence

Our center of excellence is responsible for the collection of data and IP. Our experts are always seeking for the best SOP´s through world leading research and development processes. Through a process of trial and error we have managed to improve the growth conditions for algae. 

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Sales organisation

Potential algae growers do not have to worry about the sales of their end-products because our sales organisation has a global network of partners that are interested in high-quality algae. The algae can be sold in multiple forms like pills, powder and oil.

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Our Core values


We use creativity to look at problems from innovative perspectives, to make new connections and generate fresh and easy to implement solutions for some of the biggest problems our world faces today. 


We truly believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. A problem is just a solution waiting to reveal itself. We wish to motivate our partners and investors with this same energy. 


A better world starts with our own actions. We do everything within our power to nullify the footprint of our company while simultaneously providing a role model for our partners and investors. 


We don’t believe in making false promises. The algae will prove itself as it has in nature for millions of years already. We don’t exaggerate when we say that we can change the world, because we know it’s true. 


We are truly loyal to our partners, making sure that everyone benefits fairly from the benefits we reap. We only work with solid partners whom we truly trust. We rely on each other and respect each other’s expertise.  


We work with a passionate team that is highly motivated to bring projects to a successful end. We share a common goal: to clean our air by absorbing CO2 and using it for the cultivation of algae.