How we make it work

The algae process

In this picture the cultivation process of algae in a closed high-tech greenhouse is described. This process is based on the way that we approach the complete supply chain of algae. The process starts in the make up tank and ends at the distribution to the customer. The strength of this process is that it can be carried out entirely at the same location, this saves time and reduces costs.

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How we make it work

We give the algae business some much needed legitimacy by providing a complete and well thought out story that will help you - as an investor - to ease your mind by answering the most prudent questions.  

Together with our partners we have created a ready-to-serve alliance that include all necessary skills, intellectual and practical knowledge, people and material to realise an actual algae factory. This way we can provide complete solutions tailored to your specific needs, without going through the tiresome process of trying to find all necessary partners yourself. 

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What makes us unique

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We offer one of a kind full-service package for the design, building and upscaling of GMP compliant algae factories.

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We have a network of experienced partners that have decades of experience in the global greenhouse industry. 

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We focus entirely on attracting potential investors and simplifying the 'hard sell’ of algae products.

We connect the algae market

The global demand for algae has been growing extremely fast over the last years. Yet, the number of GMP compliant growers is still shockingly low. Therefore, manufacturers are desperately waiting for new suppliers of high quality algae.

We provide direct access to a constantly growing network of companies that are very eager to process the produced algae in a broad range of products like algae pills, oil and powder. Furthermore, we are able to connect intrested investors with construction and knowledge partners. By connecting all these parties we create a win-win situation for all the involved players in this sector.