We are improving the world with microalgae

The algae CULTIVATION process

Cultivation of microalgae begins in the laboratory within the growing facility under strictly controlled conditions. Next, the microalgae are transferred to our cultivation system which consists of closed photobioreactors. Within this system, the microalgae flow through glass tubes, nourished by CO2 and other nutrients. The right balance between natural and artificial light enables year-round production.

Throughout the growing phase, factors such as temperature, light intensity, pH levels, and nutrient content are closely monitored and automatically adjusted as needed. During the growing phase, microalgae are continuously harvested in batches. After harvesting, the microalgae are dried and processed in preparation for extracting essential components like omega-3 fatty acids and protein. This leads to our high-quality algae oil and protein powder. The entire production process employs advanced and automated equipment.

How we make it happen

With our strong network of partners we have all necessary skills, intellectual and practical knowledge, people, and material to realize an actual algae growing facility. Our growing facilities are scalable and globally applicable, providing the flexibility needed for future expansion. This way, we can provide tailor-made solutions to all your specific needs.

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What makes us unique


Our unique cultivation method applied to the right algae species enables us to produce algae products with high levels of EPA. The entire production process is engineered to meet the strict quality standards of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Krafla geothermal Iceland WC Asgeir Eggertsson

Our growing facilities are designed to minimize waste and have a negative ecological footprint. Furthermore, our first growing facility in Iceland utilizes sustainable geothermal energy. Additionally, we generate local jobs and promote scientific research.

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Furthermore, what distinguishes Algae Capital is our comprehensive expertise, facilitated by our entities in collaboration with our strong network of experienced partners. We balance our commitment to human health and ecological sustainability with economic viability.

We connect the algae world

Algae Capital specializes in the large-scale and sustainable cultivation of microalgae to produce plant-based omega-3-rich oil and proteins. For over a decade, we have conducted extensive research into microalgae cultivation at our testing facility in Iceland. Our focus has been centered on identifying the optimal algae species, engineering the most efficient cultivation system, fine-tuning growth conditions, and ensuring economic feasibility. Additionally, we have built a strong network of partners and continually refined our operational processes.