We facilitate and take care of processes at your algae factory

What we can do for your algae factory

5. Sell the algae to the right party

When your factory is operational we can match your fresh grown algae to reliable consumer-orientated parties. Through this way you don’t have to worry about the sales of your algae.

4. Take care of the daily processes

We are able to take care of the day-to-day processes at your algae factory. Besides that, we can offer your employees a training program at our test facility.

3. Develop the right SOP’s

With a team of researchers, we can conduct trials in our own test facility. To prevent you from making the mistakes we have made in the past. Furthermore, we can find the right SOP’s for your unique algae factory.

2. Construct the greenhouse

We can help you throughout the complete process of building your GMP compliant algae greenhouse. With our team of experts we can offer you the highest quality of services.

1. Design your algae factory

The first step is to see what we can do for each other. Later on, we can start working out the first plans for your algae factory with a team of experienced specialists that can design your algae factory.

Our services  

We take care of everything, from construction to sales.

That is what makes us a unique player in the global algae market. We guide you throughout the complete design and construction process of your algae factory with an experienced group of people. Furthermore, our partners have everything in place to make your factory operational, and when the factory is operational, we already have partners that are interested in using your high-quality algae. We take away all effort, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Our algae factories are able to provide a highly efficient CO2 reduction that can help to balance out current polluting industries. 

Through this way, the grower has cheap CO2 that can be used for the algae and at the same time the carbon emmisions are reduced. When looking at the growing part of our algae factories, we use a proven and tested technique to grow the algae. This helps to generate the highest yield and quality of algae that should lead to a profitable cost-gain balance.

When the algae is harvested we can take care of the complete sales side. Our network includes some big players in the market of algae end products. These days the demand for algae is growing extremely fast, the global demand for alternative sources of Omega 3 is growing fast and algae offers a fish-free solution.

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