We are working towards a healthier future


Our Sustainable Value to the world

Why we exist

We believe that our algae can make an impact on the environment, that is why we exist.

Global CO2 emissions caused by humans are far too high. Meanwhile, climate targets and CO2 emission rights are only increasing. This makes it more interesting to compensate emissions from heavily polluting industries in a different way. Algae Capital provides factory owners, governments, and investors the option to compensate in a different way, by investing in algae factories.

Algae are huge consumers of CO2, and that’s why algae factories are one of the solutions towards a carbon neutral world. By, for example, building algae factories in the area of polluting factories, the emitted CO2 can be captured and used for the cultivation of Algae. Through this way we neutralize something polluting and use it for the production of a healthy product, Omega-3 oil.  



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Omega-3 from Algae

Fish sources provide the majority of omega-3 oils but fish stocks are depleting and the price of marine-based sources is increasing steadily. 

Wild fish caught for food such as tuna, mackerel, cod and salmon have a high content of mercury and other heavy metals that are widely present in our oceans. Farmed fish used to produce omega-3 fish oils have even higher levels of heavy metals from ingesting ground-up fishmeal made up of other contaminated fish. These farmed fish also contain antibiotics, given because of their cramped conditions and high rates of disease. As the availability of algae increases, the use of algae-based omega-3s in place of those from fish sources in functional foods is expected to rise greatly.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a highly desirable product from a nutritional perspective and findings show that they help to: lower blood pressure, reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythms, protect the brain from cognitive decline, reduce the chance of heart attacks and strokes and it has many more benefits. 


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